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A Legion Guide: Stage Two. Level 106-109. Story Questing

While Stage One was mostly preparation and establishing the class order halls, this second stage shifts the focus into following the major story lines of the expansion.  There are actually four stories being told, each with its own narrative progression.

1.  The first one is the story told through the class Order Halls.  This is the story that begins with the acquisition of your first artifact weapon and continues through introducing your order hall, and recruiting champions to fill it.

2.  The second is the main story line of the expansion, told to you primarily by Khadgar and later by the Light's Heart naaru that you discover.

3.  The third is told through the questing zones of the Broken Isles.  It follows how you aid the inhabitants of the Broken Isles as they deal with the effects of the Legion on their homeland.

4.  The fourth story is actually told by our profession trainers.  Rather than simply vending recipes, the crafter trainers offer an extended series of quests that tell a story all their own.

We have to begin with a little questing philosophy.  When I brought my first character through this expansion, I found it very easy to get overwhelmed with quests.  I would have my quest log filled to bursting with dozens of unrelated quests from as many different sources, and the world map was awash with questing opportunities as well.  I would plunge from one task to the next, not even knowing why I was doing something.  The result was not very enjoyable.

First, it help we to be clear about which of the four stories a particular quest belongs to.  Whether this is a core Legion quest from Khadgar, or a peripheral crafting quest makes a difference to how I experience it. 

With so many different story threads going on at once, I find it easier to focus on a single thread at a time.  If I’m working on an Order hall quest, I push through until it’s complete and turned in before I take on another assignment.  If I have profession quests, I like to finish them and turn them in before doing general quests.  I know that this goes against the grain of efficiency in questing, but I don’t really think efficiency is the highest good this time around.  Trying to do too much at once just makes each piece less meaningful.   If you enjoy the questing and crafting long game, (vs the short game to get into raiding ) I found that it brings the world alive to focus on individual tasks.

Step 1.

At this stage we want to nail down our Order Hall management so we can spend less time there and more out in the Broken Isles. Adopting a priority based system  means we can be more efficient and spend less mental overhead on daily decisions. 

Every day when you log on, you want to complete the following steps in order.
  1. Mission Board:
    • Collect the reward from any completed missions.
    • Assign any experience or weapon rewards to your followers
  2. Visit your lower and upper level recruiters and replace any depleted ranks
  3. Return to the mission board to initiate new missions.
  4. Check to see that your Order Hall researcher is continuing to work on mission upgrades
  5. Check the rest of your order hall, including the Naaru Light’s Heart, to see if there are any available quests
  6. Travel to Dalaran looking for newly available quests:
    • check Khadgar
    • check profession trainers
       7. Return to your designated questing zone and complete at least the named quest lines
At each of these steps, if you find something to do, go ahead and complete it right away, and then return and turn it in for credit and reward.  Following our questing philosophy, don’t try to mix your missions into a single trip.  Just keep them separate and that will keep it very clear why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Step1 is all about getting this routine down so that it becomes second nature.

Step 2.
Step two begins at level 105.  Before you go any further, you should complete all Order Hall quests, all profession quests, and all Khadgar quests as much as you are able.  Continue following up the quest lines until no more are offered.  Step 2 ends when the only quests you have available are in the individual zones.

This was unexpected to me, but with all the order hall, core, and profession quests, along with a few dungeons, we have easily leveled halfway through this expansion while staying within a single zone. 

Step 3.
With the housekeeping  finished, the rest of our time can be spend completing the story quests found in the starting zones.  From level 105 to 110, there is nothing of interest happening in either Dalaran or the Order Hall.  This is the time to go all out and immerse yourself in the narrative of each Pillar of Creation.

Open your Achievement window and go to the Quests -> Legion tab.  Among the first 7 items should be the zone you started in.  Click on that zone to find the story lines that you have completed.  Any that are gray are still to be done. Travel now to that zone and finish those questing areas.   If all of them have green checks, then it’s time to start a new zone.

Take time now to locate any treasure chests and defeat any rare silver spawns near to you as you travel through the zones.  At these early levels, the artifact power and order resources from treasures and Rare spawns are the most useful.  Small amounts of artifact power at these early tiers can still move the bar significantly.  At higher levels the tokens found in chests reward so little AP that they almost aren’t worth gathering, so don't wait until later to go around gathering treasure chests.  Rare spawns loot seems to reach a max level at 785+ and world quest reward will easily be better than that, immediately upon reaching level 110.

The bottom line is, get those rare spawns and treasure chests now.

Because I take a Story First approach, when I complete a zone, I also try to complete the related dungeon, as part of the narrative.  If you queue for LFD with the zone capstone quest in your log, your que time for the dungeon will be extremely short.  Upon completion, go ahead and return the Pillar of Creation to the Dalaran Tower where the ceremony there will reward an armor piece as well.

  Follow the checklist in order, and make sure to check each option carefully.  When you are questing in your chosen zone, try to strive for 5 points in each profession (fishing, cooking, gathering, etc.).

By the time I had reached level 110, I was just completing the third zone, with one named storyline remaining.

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