Sunday, October 2, 2016

Portal Hubs

This is a quick map I put together to help me with traveling throughout Azeroth, and particularly the Old World.  The excellent Order Hall quests often ask me to travel to various places in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, so I put together this quick guide to help me to get as close as possible before I have to begin my overland journey.  

To use the map, you must know where you want to go.  Then, find the portal destination closest to it.  Consult the legend (in the upper left corner) to see where that portal originates.  

For example, a Death Knight order hall quest sends me to Scarlet Monastery.  I look at the approximate location in northern Eastern Kingdoms and find that the Dalaran Crater is the closest portal (Bring a glider...).  Consulting the legend, I see that this portal originates in the New Dalaran Tower
Link to Larger Version
Click the image for a page with a larger version

My jewelcrafting trainer has another quest, Socket to Me, that sends me to various locations throughout the extended Warcraft world, and this map is perfect for making each leg of the journey as efficient as possible.

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