Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Garrison campaign missions... Wait, What?

Is it possible to have a quest series that is so low key and disconnected that many players don't even know it exists?  To the point where a CM feels the need to explain it?  As late in the game as a few days ago?

Well, sure... but that's probably just an isolated, out-of-touch player, right?

So apparently CMs are still explaining how the Garrison Campaign, supposedly a major end game activity, should work.  Players don't even know it exists, or start the campaign series without even realizing it.  They get lost in the quest chain's progress, fail to finish missions and so never see another one.  And I can see some of the seeds of its downfall built into the explanation.

You first pick up the series "..once you hit level 100 and have advanced your Garrison's development to a certain point..."  but we're not telling what that point is.  So we're deliberately being vague about when to start looking for it.

Then, "...you'll notice a regular exclamation mark somewhere in your Garrison that wasn't there the day before." So we're deliberately being vague about where to look for it. And it's a regular quest mark, kind of like the one that's been hanging over your menagerie that you've learned to ignore.

Oh, and expect further installments of this weekly quest "somewhat randomly..."  so in case you're able to catch it the first time, you'll still have chances to miss it later.

January 15 hotfix.  A step in the right direction.  It looks like they recognize the problem

Most likely, Crithto helpfully suggests, you've confused it with part of the Apexis daily quest, "when your Garrison campaign quest takes you to the same area as your apexis daily."  So when I went to Darktide Roost for the apexis daily and found a quest to help Rexxar, those two things were totally unrelated.  I thought I was gathering apexis crystals for Khadgar and had stumbled upon a quest I had missed while leveling.  But actually I was participating in the super-secret garrison campaign. 

So vagueness on Blizzard's part leads to confusion on the part of the players.  No mystery there.  The garrison campaign is a perfect example of the ambiguity that characterizes the garrisons as a whole.  Perhaps it is an attempt to lend some verisimilitude to the garrison.  I think they coordinated their appearance with the apexis daily as a benefit to the player, so that both could be completed at the same time.  I think their intentions were entirely good.

For me, though, it absolutely matters whether this is some random quest I skipped or is part of an overarching campaign intended for the endgame.  It helps me to put the pieces of the story together.  It helps me to make sense of the chaos that is happening in my garrison, and this allows me to get greater enjoyment out of the game.


  1. This sounds... horribly vague indeed. I can totally understand being annoyed with this. It's hard enough to keep track of all the lore within an MMO (and especially with such an old and extensive game as WoW, I would imagine).

  2. The odd thing is that this is the kind of content that I'm most interested in, so I was specifically looking out for it. In my opinion, they should be broadcasting these story quests to everyone, not trying to sneak them in when no one is looking.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment!