Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Twilight of Blaugust 2014

We've finally arrived at the conclusion of Blaugust and I'm fairly pleased with the result.  Not only did I post every day, but I also polished off a personal goal of reading at least two other Blaugust contributors each day as well. And I was but one of a large field of nimble posters who punched boredom in the face every day.  In the words of Zyngor, I say to all of them "Congrats on Blaugust Victory!"

I want to thank Belghast for bringing the idea to fruition, and providing the structure for making it happen.  It was a great motivation for me to write more and a great excuse to read gaming blogs while I was supposed to be working.

Personal growth
Perfect is the enemy of the good, and the enemy of my blog posts has been the need to revise.  Typically, I will think of something that inspires me to write, and I'll get the basic idea onto a page somewhere, but then I'll be overcome with doubts.  Maybe it really should be better researched, shouldn't this bit here be more completely sourced, have I really captured the essence of the argument?  I'll just set this aside for a few days until I can give it the treatment it really deserves.

By the time I look at it again, the event is no longer current, the discussion has passed on to something else, and I don't feel the urgency of my convictions anymore.  It would sometimes take me a month to write on a single topic, and by the time I was finished I wouldn't have improved the post that much anyway.  Blaugust taught me how to put an end to that nonsense.

Attacking on both fronts
Ultimately, I think there's room in blogging for both thoughtful commentary and initial honest reaction.  I think both lead to a better understanding of an issue and how I think about it.  Writing the initial surface thoughts lets me examine them more objectively and build them into something more coherent.

Not writing about something, conversely, means that this unpolished thought will bounce around in my head, always bringing my thoughts back to that initial starting point.  Blaugust has been the perfect exercise for sorting out these two different types of writing, and its a realization I never would have come to if I had continued to struggle with my old habits of a single post a month.

I've decided not to lose anymore posts to the monster of doubts.  I've also decided not to continue posting every day, but at the same time to set up a regular posting schedule.  I've decided to be more active in curating my blog roll because I've realized how useful it is as a tool for my own research.  I've decided to read, comment and like others' blog posts because as Chelsea pointed out every blogger is encouraged by a little feedback.

  • I think the format of reblogging individual posts onto the central Anook site was key for my enjoyment of the challenge.  It showed me how many other writers were posting every day, and it provided a central location to find everybody's new stuff.
  • I'm looking forward to next year's challenge.
  • I think we need a Blaugust Challenge 2014 Survivor badge.

This is the Thirty-first entry in the Blaugust challenge to post once a day for the 31 days of August.


  1. A Blaugust Challenge 2014 Survivor badge sounds like a great idea!
    Congrats on completeing your 31 days.
    Reading the summaries of the bloggers it's quite nice knowing that I wasn't the only one procrastinating over my blog posts and ammount of polish.

    It's certainly the best thing I have taken away from Blaugust and hopefully we can all keep up the practice.

    1. Thanks, WT! and the same to you as well.

      To me, one of the strengths of an event like this is that it shows that writers face many of the same problems. I've read that comment from many bloggers, as you mentioned, and it certainly wasn't something I would have thought to be so nearly universal.

      I don't know if the solution is to be comfortable with less polish, or to become a better writer. At least for me, the message is, "Don't stop posting."

  2. Congratulations!

    I have read all 31 posts and enjoyed every single one of them!!

    1. Thanks, Trinian,

      I appreciate your taking the time to read the posts, and am very glad you enjoyed them.

  3. My favorite part about Blaugust has to be the new community members I didn't know or didn't read - such as yourself - who are now on my blogroll and part of my regular "rotation" when I am reading. So many good voices out there to be heard!

  4. That's quite a compliment, Isey. And I agree that Blaugust has been great for being a sounding board for blogs; and for the craft of blogging. Thirty days is a long time to travel down any road together.