Saturday, August 9, 2014

Reluctant Guardians

So I'm sitting here in line, waiting for them to let us in to see Guardians of the Galaxy, and typing this out on my phone.  Fair warning that it's bound to be rambling and typo-ridden at points.

This was the Marvel film that wasn't on the top of my list to see this summer.  The previews were hard to wrap my head around; I felt that it had a tight rope to walk, between the over-the-top humor of Men in Black and the absolute pretension of Prometheus, there has to be some middle ground.  And let's face it, somewhere in the back of my soul I'm still fighting off flashbacks from Attack of the Clones, so that watching any science fiction movie involves some internal bracing of a psyche that refuses to be hurt again.

Watching previews now...  Really it was events and family that conspired to see Guardians.  Wanted to go see a movie, this was a relatively fresh release, others in the group were looking forward to it.  In the end, I had motive, means, and opportunity.  However the film itself turns out, I've already had a great time just being here with a pretty tight social group, eating popcorn and talking.  In fact, the experience we're having right now, even before the movie starts, is payoff enough for the entire evening.  It almost makes the $8 bucket of popcorn worthwhile.  Certainly a good movie can improve the experience, but we could probably sit and watch anything at this point and still have a good time.

We've now finished the credits and the inscrutable teaser at the end.  Without a doubt, Rocket and Groot stole the show.   While Chris Pratt was amiable and a little bland as the point of identification for the audience, the screen came alive while Groot was in the frame.

And of course I had to watch Amy Pond.  This was absolutely cast against type for her, and possibly on purpose - terse, barking orders, robotic. I'm sure that she would like to be someone else and step away from the absolutely stunning and iconic Amy, but I couldn't help but see the Doctor's companion underneath, and I'll admit that I still found her very cute.  Which left me conflicted about who I wanted to win. 

This is my ninth offering in the Blaugust challenge to post once a day for the 31 days of August.

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