Friday, August 15, 2014

Michaelmas in Azeroth: the Fall schedule

Nothing earth shattering here, but I was just putting together a Fall calendar of what the World of Warcraft will be like in the coming months.  Now that we have the date of the Warlords release, other things begin to fall into place. Some dates are just wild guesses, and still other things like holiday events haven't moved at all.  It's obviously going to be a busy time.

  • September 20 - October 6th:  Brewfest.  This was stepped on two years ago by the Pandaria release.  This event was updated last year to include a Pandaren brewmaster presence at the brewfest.  It wouldn't take much, but a very minor update of this event would be a nice touch.  Not really expecting it with all the work they will need to finish for Warlords. This is probably the last hurrah of the Pandaren expansion, the last moment of revelry with our characters as we currently know them.
  • October 13:     Patch 6.0.1   Class and mechanics changes.  One month before release is a traditional time for all the changes to the classes and other things to be added, to give the players time to get used to them before the start of the expansion.
  • October 18:     Hallow's End.  Typically the most popular of the Warcraft holiday events.  Blizzard may take this opportunity to drop higher level loot to boost latecomers for the pre-expansion event.
  • October 28:     Iron Horde Invasion.   This is a total guess on my part but usually two weeks before release Blizzard begins the pre-expansion events.  For this expansion, we have world events in the Blasted Lands, and a limited time, level 90 re-tuning of Upper Blackrock Spire.
  • November 7-8:     Blizzcon.  Probably in a high frenzy, since the game is literally a week away.  I'm expecting that the devs have held some easter egg in reserve for a reveal at the con.
  • November 13:  Warlords of Draenor expansion released.  The mad rush to level 100 will begin.
  • November 17:  WoW 10th Anniversary festivities begin.   (Taken from the in-game calendar).  Tarren Mill PvP, Molten Core 40-player raid.  Available just 4 days after the expansion itself is released, there may be a lot of pressure to level as high as possible to get into Molten Core or to have the greatest advantage at Tarren Mill.
  •  November 24:  Pilgrim's Bounty.  A holiday that may be largely forgotten this year.
  • December 1:      WoW Anniversary ends.  You need to get whatever pets, mounts, and titles you want before this date.
  • December 16:     Feast of Winter Veil Begins.  I wonder how our garrisons will be decorated for Christmas this year. I'm looking for some tie-in of the holiday to our new, not-quite player housing.  Maybe a quest to find the perfect tree to decorate.
  • January 15:  The Technical Patch.    This, again, is entirely speculative but they often need a class balance patch to fix whatever they broke with the class re-designs
  • March 30:  The First big content patch.  Blizzard expects everyone to be leveled to 100 by this point, and this patch brings the next infusion of content.
Azeroth comes at you fast. It seems like there is something new every two weeks or better throughout the end of the year, and if you choose to participate in every event it is very likely that you will not run out of things to do.

This is Blizzard's time to shine, and in many ways this is the Blizzard team at their best.  This is the Big Show.  The thing that some of them have been working on for two years, and for all of their many faults, they do this moment right here better than anybody.

The fifteenth entry in the Blaugust challenge to post once a day for the 31 days of August

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  1. I forgot if the technical patch were implemented in 15th of Jan.. again do you have whole list for 2015? That would be a big help..

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