Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Foolish Speculation: Warlords Advent

Two years ago, Blizzard made the announcement of the Pandaria expansion with a release to their website.  The July 25 announcement came just two months before the September 25 release date.  This time the full production values suggest that we have longer to wait than two months.  The afterglow of this event has to linger a little bit longer this time around, so the footprint has to be just a little bit larger.

Two months from mid-August would be mid-October, of course.  At the same time, we know that Blizzcon 2014 has been announced for November 7-8, a mere two or so weeks later.  Is Blizzard planning on releasing the game and then immediately calling the flock back to Rome, ripping the raidcores from their preparation deathrace?

Also on the horizon is the 10th anniversary celebration, marked by several events, including the Molten Core raid revival, and Hillsbrad open world PvP.  The actual anniversary date is November 23, and I'm sure the celebration events will be available for more than a single day. Possibly a couple of weeks.  Again the same question arises:  is Blizzard going to release a game in early November and then immediately ask players to stop playing Warlords to go back and participate in anniversary content, laden with nostalgia and looking back over the past 10 years when the devs really want the players to be focusing on garrisons and breaking the century mark on their mains? 

On the other hand, Blizzard has been known to do similar things in the past.  The Pandaria launch stomped all over the Brewfest and Halloween events, by far two of the most popular holiday celebrations in Azeroth.  So I really have no insight on what will happen, nor on what Blizzard will say on Thursday.

I see Blizzcon as the triumphal entry of the generals, solidifying the rumors and offering definitive answers on the new expansion and class and mechanics changes.  Then, in lieu of a pre-release event like they had before Cata, Blizzard will offer the 10th Anniversary celebration to get people excited again and possibly test out their new stat-squished selves.  If pressed, I might look to see Warlords in December, but that's really nothing more than foolish speculation.  I hope to be wrong, and that the release date will be much earlier.

Certainly, we are in for an exciting Fall season of online gaming, and it all starts tomorrow.

This is my thirteenth entry in the Blaugust challenge to post once a day for the 31 days of August

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