Sunday, May 11, 2014


I reach for it, and it is there
I hurl it with all my will, and all my soul against my foe

It fills my being, and it obeys
It is a harsh master that demands all my concentration,
anything less than pure, full devotion and its skips beyond my grasp
like a playful lover, and I fall.  There are no half measures here.
Nothing to fall back on. Cloth does not turn blades.
Light fades, the hammer falls.
But to feel that power fill me one more time

In that moment it little matters if I persevere
or fail, if light continues or the mist covers my eyes
I must reach for it again, caress it's silky tendrils
There is no comfort, no solace
only a continual ever-kindling fire
a hunger to have more, to drink more deeply

I fight not for glory, nor for cause, nor for hate
but to have a reason to taste that sweet, all consuming
vitality one more time.
To live such a life, necessarily short,
is to burn brighter than a thousands stars
if only for a moment

I could live in that moment for ever, for a thousand years
of possibility.  Time ceases and every option wakens
It is not words spoken, not gestures and tokens
It is a song I sing.
Effortlessly, without thought

I pity you who will never know true power.

Written for the NBI 2014 Poetry Slam

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